The Apptivist Academy is a FREE interactive, educational experience to help you engage in the Apptivist theory of change, which is: Awareness, Action, and Community.

Courses start the first Sunday of each month. You choose the area of focus you would like to "major" in and we send you an email once a week.

In each email, you'll receive prompts for Awareness, Action and Community steps to take using either the mobile or web version of the (PRE)APPTIVIST app as your guide.

While the prompts require some attention and effort, we know time is precious - so we respect that. Our goal is to provide efficient, but effective steps that lead to a lifestyle of advocacy and activism.

We work and collaborate with activists, nonprofits, and businesses on the front lines to develop these courses.

The Courses: September 2020

More courses available October 2020.


apptivist.academy@gmail.com | app@theapptivist.com

The Apptivist Academy, est. 2020
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